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3mm Black 4D with Glitter Gel


3mm Black 4D with Glitter Gel on top. Plates come with Company Name, Post Code and New 145e BS number.

Plates available in standard size (520x111), 7-Digit (440x111), 6-digit (399x111), 5-digit (330x111), Hex lambo style in 7 and 6 digit size and also 21x6 Range Rover/Jaguar rear plate. Blank standard size plates and tinted plates also available but these will not have bs numbers so wont be road legal.

2D, 3D Gel and 4D Scotland, GB and Green electric flags available. Black 4D border, Screw Caps and Sticky pads available. Add to cart along with plates. Message us after purchase with the reg details or we will contact you via email or phone.

Please note: Glitter Gel or Carbon Gel are NOT Road Legal also Tinted plates or plates with spacing or colour are also NOT road legal.

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